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Chew Proof Dog & Puppy Leash, Strong & tought Dog Leashes


We bought your leashes back in June and we put them to use right away. We added a large carabineer to each leash that goes through the strategically placed rail hooks (on our truck).  The dogs can lay down, stand up, or hang their heads out.  They cannot get crossed up with each other and most importantly cannot jump out. 

They work great!  Joey, our yellow labradoodle, would chew through any nylon or rope leash in a heart beat, but not this one.  Jackson, the chocolate labradoodle, is really mellow and just loves being in the back of the truck for a short ride to the dog park. 

This is a great product.  Good Luck to you. 

Ed and Kelly Schroder
Jackson and Joey

West Linn, Oregon

Hi Joslin, 

Donna from Chandler, AZ here!

I met you when my friend Becca and I visited your booth. She had the two goldens and I took photos of your booth. I LOVE the two items I bought from you... a short lead for my greyhound and a splitter for my Papillions. I tried them for the first time today, and they worked great!  

It was a lot easier for me to control Buster and Molly with the splitter on one leash, and they didn't seem to notice the difference. Plus, I was able to keep Gracie the greyhound closer to me and out of the way of Buster and Molly (the little stinkers!). I didn't have any leash twisting or leashes getting caught under legs! 

Anyway, I'm so glad to have met you and I love your products. I am going to post a link to your website on my facebook page. I don't have any photos of my dogs wearing their new gear yet, but when I can get someone to help me, I'll snap some and send them to you. 

Much thanks!


Donna Monce Graphic Design & Illustration, Inc.

Chew Proof Dog & Puppy Leash, Strong & tough Dog Leashes

Chew Proof Dog & Puppy Leash, Strong & tought Dog Leashes


A few weeks ago, I was at the Saturday Market. I picked up a leash for my “bite through leash canine."

I just wanted to thank you. He tried to bite it once and only once. So far BENJI has learned not to play games with your leash. He walks like he is supposed to, imagine that. I hope to see you one of these days again, but for now I just wanted to say thank you.  

R.K. Schmoe


Dear Vir-Chewly-Industructible,

Because we love your leashes AND you're a local company, I thought I'd blog about your product:
We love 'em -- the corgis AND the leashes. :-)

Anne L.



I met you at Saturday Market several weeks ago. I bought a short leash, then brought my daughter back (big lab) for 2 more. Love it!! 

I was showing it around at my vet's office today and they LOVED it!  I gave them your website and contact info so if you get a strange communication from North Carolina, you'll know how it came to be.   

Chris Pierson



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